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Interim Executive Director

Meet Vincent Alexander III

Vincent J. Alexander III, better known as “Vinny” was born and raised in Rochester and is well known around the Rochester community. He is a passionate and dedicated advocate for youth and has worked in youth development for 10 years. Upon graduating from high school, Vinny went to SUNY Brockport REOC and obtained his License in Practical Nursing. His journey with Quad A began as a part-time support staff and program nurse at School 16. Due to his ability to connect with some of the most challenging students,Vinny quickly became known as the “Kid Magnet.” The genuine relationships he built with students led them towards the road of academic success and overall positive behavior.

In 2009 Vinny’s strong ability as a leader made him a natural candidate for the Site Coordinator position at School 16. He quickly rose in the ranks and was later promoted to Site Director. His dedication to the program continued when he became a consultant for the program in 2016 and was later named Supervising Director. Even when he was not working with Quad A for Kids, he continued to serve the youth of Rochester as the dean of students at Vertus Charter School. Throughout his career, Vinny’s commitment to supporting youth is clearly evident.

Vinny is a community leader, a servant and a mentor to those he comes in contact with. During his time at both School No. 16 and Vertus Charter School he developed several “Young Men of Excellence” groups addressing social-emotional and cultural challenges. He easily developed the nickname “Pops” from many of the male students because they recognized him as their “School Father Figure." Outside of work, Vinny serves as the Youth Pastor at True Light Church of God in Christ in Rochester, clearly indicating that his positive influence extends beyond school hours. Vinny’s motivation for the success of our youth is indisputable.

In May 2016, he completed his bachelor's degree in elementary education at Medaille College. In May 2019, Vinny will obtain his master's degree in Organizational Leadership. He is committed to helping raise funds for the organization, overseeing site programs and promoting effective youth development. Vinny’s passion for Quad A and overall senior leadership experience has helped him transition into his new position as Interim Executive Director.

 Under Vinny’s leadership, we are confident that Quad A will continue to provide excellent after-school and extended-day programs for children